Job Opening for Software Engineer with 2+ Years experience in Java Technologies and C programming @ Sun Microsystems, Bangalore

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Sun Microsystems

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Position Detail
Software Engineer
BLR03, India 
Requisition #
Job Type
Regular Full Time 

Experience :
Engineering knowledge: BTech/BE in Computer Science
Software engineer with at least four years experience (or at least 2 years experience working with the relevant technologies in embedded environments).
Any experience of porting Java technologies would be an advantage.

Minimum Required Skills:
Strong in Java and C programming languages
Proficient with makefile build systems, cross-compilers and Unix/Linux shell scripts
Assembly language experience will be necessary (mainly x86 & RISC) , and some C++ experience a benefit

Soft Skills:
Strong inter-personal skills are a must. The successful candidate is a self-motivated person who shows initiative and is comfortable either working alone or in a distributed team and have excellent communication skills.

Good understanding and experience in real-time embedded operating systems (e.g. Symbian OS, WinCE, VxWorks, Nucleus etc.) and familiarity with Linux/Unix operating systems at a POSIX coding level.
Basic knowledge of C function argument handling at a microprocssor level and good knowledge of operating system internals, such as; file systems, networking (full TCP-IP), multi-threading & synchronization techniques, dynamic linking and data types (ideally from a POSIX background).
Familiarity with J2ME Technologies (CDC)
Ideally a good understanding of graphics programming would be beneficial including:
Graphics drawing 2D primitives
Image formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG) and rendering (blitting, buffering etc..)
Font rendering
AWT Events and Frame/Window creation & message handling
AWT Toolkits (widgets & controls) and window managers
Heavyweight versus lightweight concepts

Sun Microsystems is an equal opportunity employer and appreciates your desire to be considered for a position. Sun only accepts resumes submitted through the Internet, via Sun’s website.

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Technical Leader – 4 to 7 Years – Processor Architecture and Assembly/Micro coding – Aricent – Bangalore

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Aricent, Bangalore

Aricent, the world’s leading communications software provider, offers you excellent career oportunities. We have an unmatched team of designers, consultants and engineers – the best of talents, resources, and infrastructure to solve the most complex and challenging problems of our clients – the world’s leading communications equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and service providers. Aricent is a fast growing organization and we need brilliant professionals like you to feed the growth.

Job Description:

Technical Leader

Job Code: JOB641
Experience: 4 – 7 Years
Expertise: Processor Architecture and Assembly/Micro coding
Domain: IT
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Country: India
Employment Type: Permanent
Job Type: full time


Job Profile

– Strong knowledge about any general purpose processor or NPU architecture. Must be familiar with pipelining concepts of processor. Experience in assembly coding, debugging and must have involved in performance optimization of embedded applications using assembly/micro coding.


Candidate Profile
-Strong knowledge of any processor ( Intel, Motorola or Agere) or any packet processor -Experience in assembly Coding -Good background knowledge in NPU or Packet processor -Experience assembly language, with development, testing and debugging -Experience in developing highly optimised assembly code -Working knowledge with system and aware of the concept regarding data-plane and control plane split -Work experience in system level development platform and hands on experience with downloading and executing OS to the development board -Good debugging experience in multithreaded environment in a restricted low level debug environment, which may or may not support source level debugging. -Experience in TCP/IP, VLAN, .1P, ARP, PPP, PPPoE, IPoA, PPPoA, MPLS, Traffic Management
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