Sr Developer, Open Source Web Technologist, 3 to 4 years experience – AthenaNet India, Chennai

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Open Source Web Technologist

The Open-Source Web Technologist will participate in the full life-cycle of application development, focusing on the productivity tools embedded in AthenaNet, our web-native application platform. The Open-Source Web Technologist will expect to spend the majority of his/her time in hands-on coding. (S)he will develop valuable expertise in the best technologies and processes behind India’s growing BPO industry. The Open-Source Web Technologist will be required to develop a deep understanding of our business context and to become a source of ideas as well as an executor. As the team grows, (s)he will be expected to provide mentoring and project leadership to new colleagues.

AthenaNet is written primarily in PERL using Apache:: ASP web servers backed by Oracle 9i databases. The Open-Source Web Technologist will therefore be expected to be proficient in PERL, SQL, DHTML, _JavaScript, CSS, and general Linux technologies. Specific technologies shouldn’t be why you join us though – any hacker worth his/her salt should be able to pick them up in a couple months. Prior experience in a team development environment is also required.

Specific Qualifications

•Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences
•Minimum 3-4 years experience working on software development projects with at least 10 people.
•Excellent English communication skills
•Experience working with open-source web technologies, specifically Perl/ModPerl, Apache, Linux, DHTML, _JavaScript
•Experience with SQL (Oracle)
•A keen and inquisitive intellect
•Experience leading technology projects in a western-style organization
•Ability to learn and absorb business context
•Ability to work collaboratively to get results
•Ability to work effectively with operations staff and management to identify and design effective innovations
•Enthusiasm, idealism, creativity, dedication and a little bit of attitude
•Willingness and ability to travel to the US for up to two months training

Send your CV to
About AthenaHealth

AthenaHealth is a rapidly-growing US-based company providing technology and services to keep America’s doctors working. We combine a large-scale medical billing operation with the industry’s leading software for managing a medical practice – software we built from scratch over the past 7 years. We’re creating a subsidiary in Chennai and are looking for a small, talented group to help build this organization.

We have significant data entry and call center operations in Chennai, but we have no plan to directly manage those operations. Instead, our subsidiary, AthenaNet India, will be an innovation laboratory, focused on creating the technology and processes to enable the best operations in their class. We will continually refocus on the next-generation breakthroughs as soon as our innovations are installed at the BPO.

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