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Work for AthenaNet India, Chennai

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About AthenaNet India
For three years athenahealth has used an outsourced vendor in Chennai to provide half the staff behind our products. Our success has depended on their stable delivery of many of our critical, timesensitive services. Now we’re ready to apply our own focus on process and technology innovation to the operations here. Over the next twelve months we will build AthenaNet India, an elite subsidiary which will drive the continuous improvement of those operations.

AthenaNet India will have full ownership of our India-based operations and will own the technology they require. AthenaNet India will provide strategy and direction in addition to developing enterprise application software.

AthenaNet India will have specialized expertise in accurately capturing key data from complex forms using optical character recognition (OCR) and other technologies. Other core skills will include efficient scripting and management of data-gathering phone calls as well as optimal management and reporting of work queues across numerous parties.

AthenaNet India will be an elite team. Our technologists, from the best schools and firms in India, will be ready to make a real difference by applying their skills to a problem they can see and feel. Our process engineers will know how to find the key to making an operation faster, cheaper and higher quality. And our team leads, from the best BPOs, will be eager to move beyond how things have always been done before and learn how they could be done in the future.

AthenaNet India will be housed in a centrally world-class facility, modeled on our new headquarters outside Boston, Massachusetts. We’ll offer a great community environment, an open floor plan that reflects our egalitarian culture and good transportation options. In addition, we’ll have anenthusiastic culture that values teaching, learning, teamwork and results . Every employee will be closely connected to the company’s mission and customers, and will have a clear understanding of how he or she can contribute to them.

Reasons to Work for Athena Net India

It’s fun to work with a team this good
We’ve hired the best talent available in the United States. Our team includes many alumni of Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other top US schools, as well as those who excel in music, athletics and other fields.

See the results of your work with your own eyes
You’ll be there to see the impact when your technology and processes are rolled
out to a real operation.

Be at the cutting edge of a revolution in Indian operations
We are committed to being leaders in the application of workflow processes and technology in offshore operations. Being a part of Athena Net India will soon be a tremendous mark of achievement.

Own your results
We don’t plan to micro-manage Athena Net India. Instead, we are going to find people who will learn what the team needs from them and who will independently drive to deliver those results.

Experience a true meritocracy
We value results and reward those who find a way to make a visible difference in our operations. If you’re driven, focused and capable, Athena Net India is a great place to make a difference.

Benefit from rock-solid financials
Our clients pay us a fraction of their revenue every month, and they seldom leave us once they sign up. However, we spend less than 60% of that revenue on the services we provide. Today, that leaves about $2 million each month to spend on building the product and company.

Start your career path at the ground floor
Athena Net India is looking for its first employees and will grow to 40 or more within 18 months. Join us now for a chance to help build a team of innovators like yourself.

Have long-term opportunity
Although we are already the largest force in our incredibly fragmented industry, we still have less than 1% market share. We will continue to experience tremendous growth for many years to come.

Work in a great environment for personal development
We don’t hire resume builders, and we don’t switch to the latest technology fad every six months. If you want to grow as a true leader, this is the place. Every employee receives an annual 360 degree performance appraisal, and our culture emphasizes that the entire team keep each other learning and growing.

Be a part of a team-built culture
We recognize that our culture — and the team that sustains it — is our most valuable asset, and we focus on keeping the team strong.

To know more about AthenaNet India, visit —
Exclusive AthenaNet India jobs coming soon ….on ….watch out. JobMilan has got exclusive and direct route for you to send your CV to AthenaNet India. See you soon.

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